Shapeways shop

The Heritage Flight Simulation Shapeways Shop is available for purchase of all the 203 components for inclusion in your HFS Spitfire Mk.IX Cockpit Simulator build individually. The total price of the components comes to US$4,207. They are printed in white SLS Nylon.

You can order from our Shapeways shop here.

Note that a significantly cheaper option is also available if you order the full nylon printed kit direct from HFS.

The cost at time of writing for a full order of parts is Euro 2,250 excl. taxes and delivery, or roughly US$2,630. So a significant saving of US$1,577. While we still do the printing in Nylon PA12, we use HP Multijet Fusion (MJF) technology. This produces a superior product to the EOS SLS technology. PA12 3d printed with MJF technology will have a smoother finish (MJF parts feature a finer resolution consisting of 0.020 in., and SLS is 0.030) and are stronger than those printed with SLS, especially in z-direction printing. In addition, products printed with MJF technology can be recycled up to 80% and reused, compared to up to 50% with SLS technology. The MJF prints are done in a grey colour and resemble cast metal in it’s unpainted state. This gives a more authentic look to parts where the paint has worn slightly when compared to the white colour SLS parts. So MJF technology offers a mechanically and aesthetically better product. I should also note that Shapeways charges a significant premium for the MJF printing. If you were to order the same from them it would cost US$4,955-52, so the actual saving is US$2,325.

We will only be taking full orders but if you require additional individual parts or wish to simply go step by step you can still order this directly off Shapeways as per normal.

Contact us for details.

MJF Multijet printed part in PA12 Nylon