Spitfire Mk.IX Presentation Engine Hand Control Plan Set


The complete Spitfire Mk.IX Cockpit Plan Set was released in 2019. The Spitfire Throttle Quadrant forms a part of that set. Purchase of this TQ plan set will provide a full credit towards the purchase of the full plan set. So if you purchase this plan set now, you will get a discount coupon of €30-00 which you may redeem if you purchase the full plan set.


Copyright Heritage Flight Simulation – All Rights Reserved. The designs offered here are provided to the purchaser for guidance in producing only ONE off Spitfire Mk.IX Engine Hand Control. It may be for Personal or Commercial Use. However, it may NOT be duplicated in any manner. (This means you can make one unit per purchased plan set. You may sell the completed unit on if you so wish. You may not resell the plans.)

The information is provided on an AS IS basis and no warranty of suitability is provided or implied. As Heritage Flight Simulation has no control over build quality or ability of the Purchaser, the Purchaser shall indemnify and hold harmless Heritage Flight Simulation from all costs, claims, damages, expenses, losses, liabilities and penalties of every kind and nature which may result from building the Throttle Quadrant herein presented.

By purchasing this product the Purchaser agrees to the stated conditions.



The plan set comprises a 35MB download of the Build Guide and all relevant drawings and cutting patterns. Please note Conditions of Purchase.

This display model covers the full ambit of information to be provided for the complete build, amongst others:

  • Cutting patterns for plywood and aluminium (Routing and Lasercut) (7 off GA’s and 8 .DXF files)
  • Assembly drawings (2 Off)
  • Bend Diagrams (14 Off)
  • Engraving Templates (3 Off)
  • Machine drawings (1 Off)
  • General Arrangement Drawings (5 Off)
  • Powder coating guideline (1 Off)
  • Parts list with various summaries
  • Step by step instructions including explanatory assembly graphics in a 74 page Builders Guide.

All of these are included in your purchase pack

*NOTE: We do not provide STL or other files to allow for the printing of the 3D printed items yourself. These must be purchased separately from our shop links given here or direct from our Shapeways Shopfront and should be calculated into the total price of your build.

Given the cost of these plans plus the 3D printed items plus all materials cut and painted you should be able to produce the Presentation Engine Hand Control for under €350. This compares extremely well with similar products already available.

The Spitfire Mk.IX Engine Hand Control has turned out to be such a thing of beauty that we have decided to release it as a Desktop Display Model.

This has the following advantages:

  • It provides the hobbyist with a fantastic working desktop display model.
  • It provides a glimpse of what is to come for prospective HFS Spitfire MkIX Simulator builders.

Those who are contemplating the purchase of the full set of Simulator drawings, cutting patterns and 3D components, get the opportunity to assess the quality of the information provided and of the 3D printed components.

You can purchase all the 10 components for inclusion in your HFS Spitfire Mk.IX Throttle Quadrant build from the Heritage Flight Simulation Shapeways Shop. (The relevant parts are denoted by HFP-* and should display as the last 10 items on that page). They are printed in white SLS Nylon. We have found we can get a better result using acrylic model paints as opposed to the (expensive) Shapeways die colouring method.

You can order direct from our shop here. (The relevant parts are denoted by HFP-* and should display as the last 10 items on that page).

* We regret the STL files are a fundamental part of our business model, with a 30% mark-up on all parts printed by Shapeways. As such they are not made available.
We have invested the last 18 months full time with researchers, engineers and designers to ensure the accuracy and functionality of these parts, during which time we have procured the full suite of available Spitfire drawings, over 3400 of them. Where there was no information, as for many of the cockpit related bought-out parts, we got access to and measured up originals from the SAAF museum. There is thus vast IP invested in these models.
We use Shapeways as so far we have not come across another SLS Nylon printing service that provides a lower price. That said, the quality from Shapeways has been superb. They are based in both the USA and Europe and will ship anywhere in the world. We have not found other 3D printing services with shopfronts in Australasia or Africa to make the shipping cheaper. However, if you are aware of any, we will investigate that possibility.
Our models in many cases are very intricate and SLS is the only suitable technology to achieve the detail, strength and accuracy required. You are however welcome of course to make your own designs for FDM printing. Some effort will be required but it’s not impossible.


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