HFP-101044 Quadrant Plate



For use in the Heritage Flight Simulation Spitfire Mk.IX Simulator.

This part fits on the Engine Control (Throttle Quadrant) Assembly

  • This is the quadrant plate for our replica Spitfire Mk.IX Throttle
  • The full set of 3D Printed parts required for the Engine Control Assembly are:
    • HFP-101018    Airscrew Control Knob
    • HFP-101035    Mixture Control Handle Knob
    • HFP-101016    Airscrew Control Box
    • HFP-101044    Quadrant Plate Rev1
    • HFP-101080    Gear Indication Switch Holder
    • HFP-101089    Friction Plate Body
    • HFP-101091    Throttle friction Handle Knob
    • HFP-101095    Gate Block Inner Plate
    • HFP-101110    Throttle handle Top
    • HFP-101111    Throttle handle Bot


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