Featured image: Prototype Build on exhibition at Aero SA 2019

The Spitfire Mk.IX Simulator Cockpit is available in the following formats:

Package 1:

  • This is the complete Plan Set for you to be able to build the HFS Spitfire Mk.IX Simulator Cockpit (the Simulator).

    The Plan Set contains all the information required to build the Simulator, including:

    • a richly illustrated Build Manual of 480 pages,
    • 281 Drawing Sheets
    • 18 full plywood sheet cutting patterns
    • 330 sheet metal Cutting Patterns
    • 144 Bend Diagrams

    The Simulator is visually and dimensionally accurate per the original Spitfire Mk.IX cockpit. It has been developed from a comprehensive database of original drawings and comparisons with actual installations, including that represented in the DCS World simulator. Our construction exactly duplicates the shape and size of the original, and spans from Frame 7 through to a point halfway between Frame 12 and Frame 13. This allows the Malcolm Hood to slide back to its full extent.

    The Simulator differs from the original in the following respects:

    • The original Spitfire had a semi-monocoque construction, ie. it gained its strength from a combination of the shell and the rib frames and longerons. The construction was complex with many formers and jigs required to shape the various aluminium components. Our frame and covering is wood instead of aluminium to speed up and simplify the build process. You will find however that the frame is an exact replica of the original. Frame thicknesses are the same, where you find an intercostal on the original you will find it on the Replica, where there is a lightning hole on the original, it will be there on the Simulator.
    • The functionality of all the controls, switches and dials have been modified to allow for interfacing with the simulation platforms.
    • In order to keep original parts where they belong (we believe they should be kept available for restorations of original aircraft), all components are exact replicas. Items which are difficult to fashion such as the spade grip, compass etc. have been created in an extremely tough and durable Nylon using an industrial Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing process.

    The HFS Spitfire Mk.IX Simulator is a fully equipped and functional cockpit optimized for VR flight with the DCS World Spitfire Mk.IX and the X-Plane 11 FlyingIron Simulations Spitfire Mk.IX simulation software.

    It is also useable for the IL2 Stalingrad (Battle of Bodenplatte) Mk.IX Spitfire, although typically the systems on this platform are not as accurately modelled as that of DCS World. Similarly, the simulator may be set up for various other platforms by using their control bindings as appropriate.

    Overall we trust the accuracy of the Replica will give you the exact sensation and visuals of sitting in an original, factory fresh Spitfire Mk.IX.


    Note: The Simulator completion is reliant on the purchase of various materials and services etc. which should be locally available. It also requires the purchase of 203 SLS Nylon printed parts from the HFS Shapeways Shop. Some specialised items such as the Malcolm Hood, Windscreen Coamings and Windscreen Brow may be purchased from Heritage Flight Simulation. Total cost of the build can be expected to cost around US$10,000, excluding computer hardware, software and Virtual Reality HMD.


    Copyright Manchot (Pty) Ltd – All Rights Reserved.

    Purchase of this design provides the purchaser with the license for producing only ONE off Simulator. It may not be duplicated or reverse engineered in any manner. Each additional Simulator will each require a further purchase in order to obtain the license for that Simulator.

    The Simulator may be used privately or commercially, however the information is provided on an AS IS basis and no warranty of suitability is provided or implied. As Manchot (Pty) Ltd has no control over build quality or ability of the Purchaser, the Purchaser shall indemnify and hold harmless Manchot (Pty) Ltd from all costs, claims, damages, expenses, losses, liabilities and penalties of every kind and nature which may result from building the Simulator.

  • Cost is US$275 per plan set. You can expect the final cost to be around US$10,000 when complete (excludes computer and VR hardware for which you can expect an additional US$2000 or so.

Find it in our shop here.

Package 2:

  • Fully assembled turn-key simulator
  • Includes Force Feedback on yaw and roll.
  • Enquire for a quote but expect around US$21,500 (which excludes shipping, insurances, computer and VR hardware). On-site commissioning can be arranged at cost.

We are also developing a cost effective G-Force seat which research indicates provides a greater sense of movement and also sustained g-forces when compared to motion simulation platforms.

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The Spitfire Mk.IX Engine Hand Control has turned out to be such a thing of beauty that we have decided to release it as a Desktop Display Model.

Throttle Quadrant Display Model 1

This has many advantages.

  • It provides the hobbyist with a fantastic working desktop display model.
  • It provides a glimpse of what the Spitfire Simulator Plan Set entails. Those who are contemplating the purchase of the full set of drawings, cutting patterns and 3D components, get the opportunity to assess the quality of the information provided and of the 3D printed components.

Note: You will get a full refund of your US$35 purchase price should you decide to purchase the Full Plan Set later.

The display model covers the full ambit of information to be provided for the complete build, amongst others:

  • Router cutting patterns for plywood, Laserjet cutting patterns for aluminium and steel plate
  • Assembly drawings
  • Parts lists

Find it in our shop here.

Throttle Quadrant Display 2