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      Welcome to the HFS Builders Forum. This is your place to discuss, ask questions and make suggestions.

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      I must applaud your effort – the results so far are testament to your skill and dedication. I had similar aspirations, but time and family matters have prevented any real progress. I attach some photos of my efforts so far. Unlike your purist approach, my philosophy is that if it looks something like the original and interacts with my computer flight sim then I have achieved my aim. Hope the pics are of interest.

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      Dear David,
      I must aplogise for only seeing your post now. I need to check why I did not receive a notification. Thank you for your kind words. I do wish to present an experience as close as possible to the real thing. Thus I have dedicated the last 14 months full time to this task. Given that you have only worked on your project on a part time basis, you have still managed to create some wonderful looking components. Well done and thanks for sharing!
      I promise to keep a closer eye on the forum and with the actual build starting soon, hope to have much to share.
      All the very best and thanks for keeping the memory of those that died for our liberty alive.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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