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      Interested in a construction manual but would would like to know how many manuals you have sold for the USA and units currently being built. Important because I would want to contact the new builders to share info/suppliers/problems/fixes etc related to the build.

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      Fiddlinjim, my apologies for only responding now. I don’t seem to get notifications of new posts in the forums, first point of call is probably through the Contact form on the site. I will see if there is some setting I can change to ensure I get notified.
      To answer your question, there are currently two license holder in North America, of which one is in Ohio and the other in Ottawa, Canada. The build in Canada is tied to the Canadian Air and Space Museum’s youth programme. This has been delayed to next year due to the Covid situation. I am not sure the Ohio build has started as yet, the builder runs a machine shop and was keen to produce builders kits for the States. He seemed quite busy with other work at the time so responses have been slow.
      Hope that helps… Roel

Viewing 1 reply thread
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