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      Thanks for the quick response and one additional question.
      Will the software that the controls are to be operated with be usable with any of the Big Four Flightsims (DCS, IL2-Sturmovik, War Thunder, X-Plane 11) or will it be a one scenario
      application for demonstration purposes only?
      Thanks, Jim

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      Hi Jim,
      No problem. The hardware will handle any number of sims. There will be various ways in which these connections can be made. For instance, for DCS World we will provide the settings for DCS-BIOS in order to give full functionality. We will provide a particular solution to purchasers of a full and complete simulator. For plans builders, we will provide advice on possible options, there are many. But certainly the hardware can be interfaced with any sim that will allow the extensive functionality offered. (Or part thereof as in the case of IL2ā€™s Spitfire MkIX which does not have a comprehensive set of controls).

Viewing 1 reply thread
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