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Dear Jim,

Many thanks for your interest and your kind words.

I fully agree with your sentiments. In fact, we will not rely on haptic feedback in gloves. The gloves are only to see where your hands are in the virtual space. All controls and switches are fully functional and linked to the simulation program.

This includes fully functional Elevator, Rudder and Aileron control. The last two, being subject to significant force effects due to airspeed over the control surfaces, have been provided with force feedback.

The design therefore incorporates 75 different operating controls, ranging from primary flight controls to sliders, dials and switches. The easiest way to illustrate this is by providing the full control listing: (see attached)

All of this is extremely important for immersion in VR. The project started on the basis that VR provides a fantastically real environment, however what is missing is being able to reach out and touch and feel your surroundings. That is what we have created here.

I will also create a blog post about the same in case other people have similar questions.


Roel Stausebach (aka Manchot)

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