Design Update 2.5 – Full Force MSFS2020..!

Hi folks!

This week we released our latest design update for the HFS Mk.IX Simulator Cockpit to our Build License Holders. This update brings full Force Feedback, Wind Generation and G-Force to the MSFS2020 implementation. Almost all the controls are simulated in MSFS2020 too (as far as the simulation engine allows) through the Spad.Next programme.

Details for Rev.2-5 are as follows:

1.     Added Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 operability through SPAD.Next software

a.     Updated “HFS MK.IX Spitfire Control Rev10_5 Dist.xlsx” file in Electronics folder.

b.     Included SPAD.Next profile in Electronics folder. (HFS FlyingIron Spitfire MkIX.xml)

c.     Updated section 5.1.6 accordingly.

d.     Added section Microsoft Flight Simulator

e.     Updated section X-Plane

2.     Consolidated G-Force Seat and Force Feedback functionality through SimTools v.2.6 This means it is no longer necessary to run DCS Bios to achieve the Force Feedback for Ailerons and Rudders.

a.     Updated “HFS MK.IX Spitfire Control Rev10_5 Dist.xlsx” file in Electronics folder.

b.     Included new configuration files in Electronics/HFS FullForce folder

c.     Deleted Electronics/G-Force Seat and HFS_BD_Rev9c_AS_WS folders

d.     Updated description in section 5.1.1 Introduction

e.     Updated section Connecting the fan to the Arduino

f.      Renamed section 5.2.3 to Force Feedback and G-Force Software Setup and major rewrite to use SimTools.

g.     Added section 5.6 Running the Software

3.     Pneumatic Assembly Base for G-Force seat missing files included:

a.     Added two missing STL files for the Pneumatic Assembly base in the STL Files/G-Force Seat folder:

                                      i. Base.stl

                                    ii. Base.stl

b.     Updated section to include the missing two base files in the listing.

c.     Updated section 3.12 to include full listing of supplied STL files for self 3D printing.

4.     Cleared up inconsistency and clarified naming convention of the Seat Airshims used in the G-Force Seat:

a.     Added description and sketch showing the naming convention of the shims in section

b.     Added Pneumatic Tubing Layout diagram to section

c.     Corrected nomenclature on wiring diagram section

5.     Updated section 3.13.1 Bubble Hood Plexi to reflect the supplier details for individual Malcolm Hoods in the UK and Australia.

6.     Updated section 5.1.5 Calibration of the Axes to:

a.     reflect use of DIView as a better alternative to the Windows Joystick utility. 

b.     Also included a download link and added the DIView.exe to the Electronics folder for convenience.

Enjoy and a Merry Christmas to all!

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