Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish everyone a joyous and safe festive season and thank you for your support over the year.

What a year it has been! Having just moved our operations to Ireland we managed to find, procure and prepare reasonably priced kits to smooth the way for our builders:

With the use of our kits it was possible for AFormX to complete their stunning Spitfire for the Pivka Museum in just over 3 months!

It has been a tremendously popular attraction providing 300 to 400 Spitfire experiences per month to visitors over the last 8 months. It is a testament to both the workmanship of AFormX and the fundamentally sound HFS design that it did so with minimal problems.

The HFS Spitfire arrives at Pivka Museum

The year also saw the number of Build License holders rise to 48. They are based as follows:

  • Europe (24)
    • UK – 12
    • Ireland – 1
    • Netherlands – 3
    • Belgium – 1
    • France – 1
    • Czechia – 1
    • Slovenia – 1
    • Norway – 4
  • Middle East (2)
    • United Arab Emirates – 2
  • Africa (1)
    • South Africa – 1
  • Australasia (15)
    • Australia – 9
    • New Zealand – 6
  • Americas (6)
    • Canada – 2
    • USA – 4

Our builders have graciously shared pictures of their progress and I cannot help being amazed by the fantastic craftsmanship inevitably displayed. These latest photos from one of our builders in Australia:

During this time we have settled in to our new headquarters in Blackwater, Ireland. We look forward to being ready for opening the flight experience facility in early Spring.

Check-in for a First Class experience!

We look forward with great excitement to 2022. Until my next post, stay safe!

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