Spitfire Build Manual now available as Soft Cover Book

The HFS Spitfire Mk.IX Cockpit Build Manual comprises 520 pages. As many can attest, this is a lot of printing. We have now made the task easier for you by publishing the manual in A4 soft cover book form. It has turned out to be a magnificent work that is equally at home on your coffee table as it is in the workshop.

Pricing is €35 which compares very favourably with if you were to have your local copy shop run off an (unbound) print (expect around €70). Shipping will be charged at cost . The printing is done at Lightning Source and shipped direct from the UK.

The book is only available to Build License Holders.

Contact us for your copy.

9 thoughts on “Spitfire Build Manual now available as Soft Cover Book”

  1. This will be very helpful
    May I purchase the soft cover build manual

  2. Is it possible to buy a copy I am building a full size replica spitfire cockpit here in southern Spain.

    1. Hi Stephen, the manual is very specific to the HFS build, with specific parts of which the details are provided with the full Build Licence and Plans. As such it won’t be useful for anything else. Hence it sold to Build Licensees only. Not sure what you are building and if it is going to fly? If it is a static replica you will find the dimensions being exact and everything would fit neatly into a true to scale replica, with the added advantage of actually being able to fly your creation in the virtual world. So depending on what route you follow, may be worthwhile purchasing a build license and plans. Let me know if you need any further info.

  3. Sorry Stephen, I note you say you are building a full size cockpit. In which case I suggest you head on over to the shop page and purchase the downloadable plan set. You will not regret it πŸ™‚

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