New metal kits in stock!

Part of the new consignment of metal part kits

License holders will be glad to hear we have new kit stock and it’s looking great! The kits are for all the lasercut aluminium and mild steel parts, both flat and profile sections. Our new supplier based in the UK has done a magnificent job and we are able to offer these kits at extremely competitive prices. Please contact us for details.

Some of the trickier bends have also been done with a CNC bending machine. This was done on 14 of the parts in total. The quality of the result looks amazing.

Our Spitfire arrives at it’s new home!

The Spit arrives at HFS Blackwater!

We have been so busy with putting in place the next phase of Heritage Flight Simulation’s development that we have had very little time to post all the news.

We last said our bon voyage to the prototype HFS Spitfire Mk.IX cockpit in August 2020. After journeying by road and ship I collected her from Dublin in November. The Irish Light Aviation Society (ILAS) very kindly agreed to let me store her in their hangar near Wexford. I was finally able to fetch her at the end of last month and she is now installed at the new Heritage Flight Simulation facility in Blackwater. We look forward to seeing her run soon!