Last Post 2020… and Reveille for 2021!

2020 – Last Post

Our motto: “Making Historical Flight Accessible” is underlying to the tagline in our website address: “We shall remember them”. Through our work we wish to not only share the beauty and joy of flight, but importantly, pay tribute to the millions who took up arms to defend us from the dark insanity that was sweeping the world . It is our mission to ingrain that knowledge in generations to come, so that we may never allow the forces of tyranny to sow their dark seeds again.

The year of 2020 has been a tough and sad one, with many lives and livelihoods lost.

This Last Post is dedicated to all of them. (This tribute, recorded at the Menin gate, Ypres, is performed there daily by a team of local buglers.)


The year has fortunately brought us many blessings and high points too.

  • We managed to sell 24 Build Licenses for the full HFS Spitfire Mk.IX Cockpit and have been thrilled to see a number of these builds rapidly taking shape.
  • We managed to move our business to Ireland in spite of the difficulties imposed by travel restrictions and lockdowns.
  • We have obtained a wonderfully atmospheric building in which to set up base and build on what we have started by sharing the wonderful experience of flight and keeping history alive.
  • We have made many new friends who share our interests and have been extremely supportive and encouraging of our efforts.

For this we are very grateful.

The world may never be the same again, but we enter 2021 with great expectation and excitement. There are many things happening which promise to make it a great year. So while this is our Last Post for 2020, it is also our Reveille for 2021!

2021 – a year full of promise!

VR for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

There are some fantastic developments in the world of flight simulation. Not least is the coming of Virtual Reality in MSFS. I am waiting with great excitement for the download to become available in the next hour or so while I write this. Not only that, FlyingIron Simulations will also be porting our jointly developed Spitfire Mk.IX to the platform. I can tell you from flying their beta that nothing will beat cloud surfing in MSFS with the HFS Spit in VR!

G-Force Seat Update

The HFS G-Force Seat design concept is complete. It is looking great and will provide 4 seat air cushions and activated lap and shoulder straps.

The design uses a very simple and cost effective approach, using readily available components.

The prototype will be built in the new year before the designs are published in an update. It will be suitable for all existing and future projects. The design pictures tell the story:

3D Printing Upgrade

Other exciting news is that we will be lowering the current printing cost of the 203 SLS Nylon printed components. All this while improving the quality and ease of purchase!

Our Shapeways shop, while providing good quality printing has been a nightmare to work with. This is because each component has to be added to the order basket individually. Their system can also only handle 100 items per order so you would need to place 3 orders, each with shipping cost, and then request for them to be shipped together. Despite many interactions with their management, we have not been able to change this.

We are happy to say that that we have established a supplier relationship with a printer in Italy who has been very accommodating and well priced to boot. Not only that but the printing is done with HP Multijet technology, which provides a premium finish to the end product. (Shapeways charges a significant premium for HP Multijet printing so we never went that route).

In future our builders will be able to place their order with me for the full package and their components will be drop-shipped from Italy. We are busy reducing the cost which is pushed up by the minimum price of multiple items by binding them together with tabs and sprues. This will allow them to be priced as one article rather than say 10 switch levers. The following is an example of the gears and other items held together with a sprue:

It requires quite a bit of extra work from our side to join these models together and each part needs to be numbered with their assembly number for purposes of identification. Once done however it will make life easier and cheaper for everyone. Expect to have this ready by the new year.

The HP Multijet gives a very nice finish as evidenced by these samples. It will mean that when paint wears off it will leave an authentic looking cast iron finish:

European Supplier of Plywood Flatpack Kits

One of our builders has indicated he will be offering plywood flatpack kits to Build License holders of the Spitfire Mk.IX cockpit. Contact us for more details.

DCS World Developments

Finally Eagle Dynamics have provided a few glimpses of their new clouds. This looks very promising, as does one of their new models in particular….wink…heheh… We look forward to this greatly!

I cannot phrase it any better that Nick Grey of Eagle Dynamics:

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and we look forward to the New Year!

Roel Stausebach


2 thoughts on “Last Post 2020… and Reveille for 2021!”

  1. Love the way these new 3D parts look! Quit a difference and an enhancement to the whole project i.m.h.o.

    To all the good folks out there, where ever you are: a merry X-mass and a happy and healthy 2021.

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