HFS in Ireland..Turning the Dream into Reality!

It has been 2 months to a day that we arrived here on the beautiful coast of the Emerald Isle. In that time there have been some major developments which I am very excited to share with you today!

Heritage Flight Simulation Centre

We are creating the HFS Flight Simulation Centre where you will be able to experience the wonder of flight through the magic of Virtual Reality.

The envisaged Heritage Flight Simulation Centre in Blackwater, Co.Wexford

An agreement is being finalised on a physical home for Heritage Flight Simulation here in the sunny South East corner of Ireland. This will also provide a wonderful opportunity for all to come visit our workshop, have a cup of coffee and see how the Spitfire Mk.IX HFS Cockpit looks and works and how it is built.

For those wishing to train in or simply experience the Spitfire Mk.IX cockpit we will be taking bookings. HFS Build License holders will be able to do so for free 🙂

The facility will have ample space

Manchot Design: Make In Workshop

As some of you are aware, Heritage Flight Simulation is part of Manchot Design Limited, my company now being registered in Ireland. We will be making available our workshop equipment and design expertise to others at minimal cost. Anyone who wishes to give expression to their creativity will be able to do so without having to invest in expensive equipment of their own. Other than what you would normally expect from a well equipped workshop, there will also be a large CNC router able to process full plywood sheets, a professional 3D FDM printer, workspaces with high speed WiFi and more to come.

Make In Workshop – Come express your creativity!

More on these and other exciting developments coming soon!

Builders Update

A number of our HFS Spitfire Cockpit Build License Holders have been kind enough to share photos of their progress. I am so very impressed by the quality of all these builds!

Build 001

Build 005

Build 012

It is so nice to see this new build taking shape!

Now here’s something you don’t see every day..Builder 012 is also busy with a full size, flying version of the Spitfire Mk.IX.. It helps to practice! 😉