News Update August 2020

Relocation to Ireland

We will be relocating to Wexford, Ireland from South Africa in the middle of August. It will take a few months to get our new premises established but this should not affect any of online activities. We are looking forward to being more centrally located and will be able to offer more direct services to our European clients. We are also looking at the possibility of taking the prototype cockpit over to the UK for the airshow season next year. Otherwise, visit us in Wexford for a cuppa and to experience the magic of flight first hand.

21 Licenses – We have come of age!

We have reached quite a milestone having issued Build License No.21

We have also shipped 8 canopies and seven metal, spring and moulding kits to various parts in the world. For those interested, a few kits remain available but anyone interested will have to wait until they have been shipped and unpacked in Ireland. Note too that it may take a while before I am able to restock given our relocation.

Kits ready for shipping

G-Force Seat Progress

The next step in the development is coming along nicely. We have elected to utilise air wedges instead of flaps/paddles for the g-force seat in order to prevent any pinch points. The four slave wedges will be inserts in the seat upholstery. The air will be pumped from four master air wedges which will be neatly located in the wing cradle. The setup will use SimTools to control electric actuators which compress the master air wedges at the appropriate moment to simulate g-forces. In addition there will be a belt tensioner which tensions and slackens the seatbelt. The effect is created when, for instance, you go into a loop; the two bottom slave wedges inflate while the seatbelt slackens, providing the feeling that you are being pressed down into your seat. In contrast to a motion simulator which can only provide this sensation for the briefest of moments (and costs megabucks), the pressure is sustained throughout the loop. The activation of the airwedges) whether inflating or deflating) and the seatbelt tension, also provide sensations of sway, acceleration, deceleration and roll.

Simple yet effective G-Force Seat solution – Air Wedges

We are also working on the development of a proper leather cutting pattern for the seat upholstery which will capture the look of the original while providing G-Force functionality.

Flying Veterans give thumbs up!

I was privileged to have two very experienced aviator friends come over to try out simulator. One of them is an RAF veteran with a huge diversity of aircraft in his logbook. I was very fortunate to have done my training on the Stampe under his expert tutelage. Each flew a mission in the new DCS World Channel Map. In addition to some expletives there were gasps of wonder and much fun was had. I think the pictures tell the story…


Fitment of Wing Fillet undersides

It’s been a while but I finally got around to fitting the undersides of the wing fillets. The very elegant shape is now complete (other than some paint required).

Elegance of the Spitfire Wing Fillet has been beautifully captured

My next post will hopefully be from the Emerald Isle.. Stay safe everyone!