Rev 1.5 of the HFS Spitfire Mk.IX Build Manual released!

I am pleased to announce the release of Rev 1.5 of the Build Manual. Thanks for everyone’s help in continuing to improve this product. As you know it is a significant piece of work and feedback is extremely important and much appreciated.

A significant change has been on the electronics side. I have much simplified this with the use of Leo Bodnar joystick cards which has the following advantages:

  • You can run any simulation program off it, the cockpit is simply a large (or in this case 2 large) joysticks as far as the computer can see.
  • There is no duplication of electronics for different simulators
  • There is no interference between electronics systems
  • The Leo Bodnar cards have their own push in terminals, so no more barrier terminal blocks required

The Force Feedback system still runs of DCS-BIOS and hence is limited to that simulation currently. We are however working on running this off SimTools which will make it available to X-Plane and IL2 as well, among others.

In addition, this will make the forthcoming G-Seat modification work on all those platforms too. That is the next exciting step in this development!

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