Control Systems video published

We have published a video which takes you through all the control systems in the HFS Spitfire Mk.IX cockpit:


2 thoughts on “Control Systems video published”

  1. Hi Roel,
    Nice video and I Learned a few things on the Spitfire. Have to check in our Spitfire once I’m at the base. Question: van one use the Sim sw also with todays scenery files? E.g. If I want to use it for flying from and to our base ( Gilze-Rijen AFB in the Netherlands). Kind regards, Cees van der Leeuw. Ps: have you already moveD to Ireland?

    1. Thank you Cees! Yes, X-Plane covers the whole world and there are many good commercial and freeware add-ons for the Netherlands and the rest of Europe providing detailed, photoreal scenery. Unfortunately we are unable to leave SA at this time due to the Covid lockdown. I don’t know when that will be lifted or when commercial flights will be available again. Hoping in July, but let’s see. First challenge is to survive this damn thing I suppose…

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