HFS Builders Feedback and Progress

I have received a few pictures from two of our HFS Spitfire MkIX builders. I think you will agree their work looks stunning! Their build quality is beautiful, truly pieces of art. I am quite humbled by what they are shaping from the HFS plans.

Having others do the build has also provided hugely valuable feedback, resulting in improvement of the product overall. Thus we are now at Rev1.4 which incorporates additional drawings, improvements and corrections for points I had missed.

Also most gratifying have been the compliments I have received from the builders.

“As it comes together, I am loving it, love how big it is, how well designed it is. It really becomes very solid.”

“I am honestly so impressed with how everything is fitting together, you need to be very proud of what you have done Roel.”

“Did I tell you that the Shapeways parts have arrived and are stunning.”

“I am so impressed with the speed you provided me the files and your enthusiasm for details.”

“I got 1 set of 3D printed parts from SHAPEWAYS to day, It looks very good and top Quality”

I hope to be sharing many more of their pictures as their builds progress. Without further ado, here they are 🙂


Build License 005: Cradle and Seat
Build Licence 005 Spade Grip
Build License 005 Fuselage
Build License 001 Engine Quadrant


Build License 001 Rudder Bar


Build License 001 Spade Grip


Build License 001 Painted sheetmetal


Build License 001 IFF Panel


Build License 001 De-ice Pump


Build License 001 Compass


Build License 001 Carb Fuel Jettison