Prototype Build Volume 2 Part 1 – SLS Nylon Components Received

We are entering the next phase of our build having received all 200 SLS Nylon 3D printed components. It is exciting and most gratifying to see how everything just works straight out of the box. Components clip together effortlessly and work beautifully.

Morse Code Signalling Box showing perfect fit of parts and fine detail

In this example we are displaying the Morse Code Signalling Box assembly. Internally the electronics components, in this case 3-way rocker switches, slide in and work beautifully. The custom recreations of the position switches clip perfectly onto the M2013 switches.

Morse Code Signalling Box internal view of the rocker switches

The SLS Nylon PA2200 is incredibly strong, having a tensile strength of 48MPA and it can take up to 163degC. You can find the full specifications here.

Our components have been printed in white, which will provide the best base for painting. The finish is slightly grainy and porous given the laser sintering technique. Hence we will be painting the objects with a resin base coating to give it a smooth finish. We will be trying out the XTC-3D product for this, which is readily available.

We will be coating our parts with XTC-3D to provide sealing and a smooth finish

Once the protype build is complete, we will be making all the components available through our shop on Shapeways.

We will be providing regular updates on the progress of the finishing and detailing of these parts. However the priority for now is to complete the DXF cutting patterns of the metalwork so that we can get those into manufacture. We have completed the 119 parts to be lasercut cut from 0.9mm aluminium sheet and have started on the 2mm sheet patterns. Only around 220 to go!

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