Numbering complete!

We have made steady progress over the last two weeks. The numbering, adding of metadata and checking of all components has been completed. This has allowed us to extract all the SLS Nylon 3D printed pieces and start generating the sheetmetal DXF files. We have also made good inroads into the development of a bespoke, low cost Malcolm Hood.

STL Files all generated

An STL file has been generated for each of the 200 SLS Nylon components. They have all been uploaded to Shapeways. These will be made available for purchase once the Prototype Build, Plans and Build Manual have been completed and proven correct and functional.

Generation of sheetmetal DXF files in progress

Our design contains 330 sheetmetal components as follows:

  • Aluminium Plate
    • 0.9mm – 119 pieces
    • 2.0mm – 134 pieces
    • 3.0mm – 14 pieces
    • 4.5mm – 44 pieces
  • Mild Steel Plate
    • 2.5mm – 19 pieces

A DXF cutting file is created for each of these components. The file is layered to allow engraving of the part number and bend lines prior to cutting. The images below illustrate this for component number 08-03-04-15:

Those components that require bending will also each have a bending diagram to provide guidance on the bend angle and direction.

Malcolm Hood Manufacture

Great news is that we have progressed significantly with the manufacture of a low cost Malcolm Hood. It will be made with 3mm Plexiglass. This is the standard for GA aircraft, hence should be suitable for use on a real aircraft. We have fabricated the necessary tooling and I hope to be able to report on further progress in my next post.

Malcolm Hood 3mm Plexiglass

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