Prototype Build – Volume 1 Part 5: Wood build completed

This week saw the completion of the wood components build, other than the covering which will be done when the internals are complete. There also remain a few bits and pieces related to the canopy but these will have to await the fabrication of the metal parts prior to gluing up.

Completed seat pan with fibreglass covered back

The seat pan was redesigned as I was not happy with the 6mm plywood seat back. It just looked too flimsy for what will need to be a very robust construction, so now the whole pan has been redone in 12mm plywood. I also incorporated a few tabs in the sides, bottom and front that now provide accurate assembly guidance points and additional strength.

Keyed construction assists simple assembly

The rear of the seat requires careful filing and sanding to incorporate the correct angle offsets. Here a 12″ sanding disk is a heaven sent. The rear supports provide the correct angles when gluing it up.

The seat back was then covered with fibreglass to provide additional strength and durability.

The balance of the work consisted of the gluing up of Frame 9 and then finishing the related intercostals. The antenna mount which doubles as the seat belt harness anchor point was also installed.

That concludes the building for the time being. We need to finish off the numbering and application of metadata for the metal and 3D printed nylon parts before we can generate their cutting, bending and printing files and drawings. There are still 800 to go out of the 2000 or so, so all shoulders to the wheel to try finish that in the coming week! It is soooo much more fun to build 🙂

6 thoughts on “Prototype Build – Volume 1 Part 5: Wood build completed”

  1. Looks very nice! Did you cover this whole proces in video also? Guess when you are involgde in it for so long you kniertjes ons and puts if it pretty well. This however is not the case for the folks that will bild if later in time. Hence the video question.

    1. Thank you Cees! I am doing a time lapse video but the nature of that is not all that detailed (check the link to our YouTube site in the previous post). However, build manual I am preparing will have all the detail with illustrations and guidance. That is a better way of doing it. People who have already purchased the Throttle Quadrant display set (also in this site, see the Shop) can attest to this. If you want a “try before you buy” or in this case before you spend $275 on the full plan set, I would suggest you purchase that for $35. You will get a credit towards the $275, so that is never wasted. You will also be able to decide if the builders manual makes sense and is easy to follow.

    1. Hi Jeremy, please look carefully at we offer. While it would be possible you would need to do the design for the extended sections or any other variations yourself.

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