Prototype Build – Volume 1 Part 1: Wood Preparation

The Prototype build has officially begun! All the wooden cutting patterns have been completed and guidance drawings prepared. The cutting patterns are ready for any CNC Routing shop which can handle standard 2440mmx1220mm pine plywood sheets. The sheet thicknesses are as follows:

  • 1 off 3mm
  • 4 off 6mm
  • 2 off 9mm
  • 1 off 12mm
  • 1 off 15mm
  • 4 off 21mm

The cost for these sheets locally total around US$430. We have appointed a routing shop to do the work and the cutting will cost that again. So total cost, excluding epoxy glue, for the wood components will equate to some US$860. For that amount you will end up with the following:

The prepared wooden components should amount to around US$860

This does still exclude the thinner sheeting for covering the frame. Also note the bits at the back are only temporary jig supports for frames 12 and 12a. They get removed after gluing up so that once covered, the fuselage will look like this:

So this week we will be ordering the plywood from a local timber shop and have it delivered to the routing shop. Hopefully some of the routing will also start. We will provide pictures as we go along.

And yes, you guessed it, in the background we will continue numbering! 😅

6 thoughts on “Prototype Build – Volume 1 Part 1: Wood Preparation”

    1. Hi Cees, the idea would be self build from plans and instruction manuals. However we will also be build and make available complete turnkey simulator units on an per order basis for shipping worldwide. First though we have to complete our prototype, refine the design and finalise the plans. We target to complete this in the first half of this year. Cost for the plans/manual will be USD275. Total self build cost, excluding software and computer and VR hardware is targeted at USD5000. Complete turnkey units cost still needs to be determined on the basis of effort involved. Hope that helps?

  1. Are the sw files for driving a cnc machine included in the plans or are they still to be created from the drawings ?
    The costs you metnion for the plans are much lower compared to the website or am I overlooking something?

    1. Hi Cees, the files for the cutting patterns will be included in dxf format, which can be used by all cnc service providers. Not sure which costs you are referring to?

    1. Hi Cees, not that I am aware of. Would appreciate which post that came from so I can correct it if that’s the case.

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