Great progress with FlyingIron Simulations Spitfire LF Mk.IX!

The design collaboration with FlyingIron Simulations is going very well! They have been making great progress with their Spitfire Mk.IX for X-Plane 11! I have attached some screen-captures from my testwork, this is version 0.7Alpha. Even at this early stage the flight characteristics are superb, while the graphics model looks fantastic.

This model will work hand in hand with our simpit, so now there are two different simulators which will provide absolute realism and accuracy in VR; X-Plane and DCS World!

3 thoughts on “Great progress with FlyingIron Simulations Spitfire LF Mk.IX!”

  1. Happy New Year,Your graphics look great.Previuosly I was interested in acockpit kit……minus the sim facilities.I am far too old to understand the simulator BUT am now considering a cockpit with these facilities.How will I go instaling the computer ?????will someone In Sydney be able to install the simulator for me ????? Also, please send any progress with the fuselage kit,thankyou and cheerio,Peter.

    1. Dear Peter, thank you and a happy New Year to you too. I am sure that when the time comes, something can be arranged for setting up the computer side of things. We must remember though that there is a significant bit of electronics componentry involved too which will require fitting, wiring and soldering. Our instruction manual will cover the requirements on this but if one has not done this before, it will at least require a willingness to learn some new skills.
      If you wish to have a fully functional cockpit and not just the physical bits, it may be an option to go for a full turnkey build in your case. Then the whole thing comes assembled and we set it up for you in Sydney ready to operate.
      All things to consider but we have a way to go before we can provide pricing on this last option. In the meantime, please follow our blog for progress updates.
      Thanks again for your interest and all the best,

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