The numbering shall continue until morale improves!

The massive task of numbering of parts and components continues. First a Bill of Materials (BOM) extract was made of the completed model and imported into a spreadsheet. There we could apply part numbers to all the components. This consists of:

  • 1182 Components (excluding fasteners) – so all physical bits and bobs that make up the Spitfire without counting nuts and bolts,
  • 729 Fasteners (the nuts and bolts)

The process of numbering the model itself is tedious. Each component’s Property Box needs to be opened and the Part Number inserted. Comments such as the material, say “Plywood 21mm” are typed into the description.

Screenshot of the numbering in progress

All the Components also have an Assembly Number which is hierarchical and shows where the Component fits in the bigger scheme of things. These were added to the model as a first step in order to be able to identify the various Components in the BOM.

The HFS Spitfire MkIX high level Assembly Numbers

In the meantime, we have also completed all the wood designs and drawings. This includes the cutting patterns for all the plywood components which we have sent to our local friendly CNC routing shop for a quote. They consist of the following 2240x1220mm sheets:

  • 21mm Plywood: 4 Sheets
  • 15mm Plywood: 1 Sheet
  • 12mm Plywood: 1 Sheet
  • 9mm Plywood: 2 Sheets
  • 6mm Plywood: 4 Sheets

There are a further 4 fabrication drawings for the balance of the wooden components.

Things are tapering down now for the festive season so we probably wont have an idea of prices for the wood routing before next year but let’s see. In the meantime, we number on regardless!

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