Covered in Glory!

This week we have been hard at work with finalising the little details. This included:

  • Finalisation of all Intercostals (them little horizontal bits between frames 🙂 )
  • Placing screws in all the right places
  • Consolidating all the components and making sure they interface properly
  • Creating the covering plates and defining their flat patterns
The instrument panel is now populated with tiny screws

A significant decision has been to do the fuselage covering in 2mm thick 3 ply plywood, followed by a 0.5mm thick aluminium plate to be adhered to the surface thus created. This should give a fantastic and authentic finish. It will almost be a pity to paint this.

Sticklers for detail will be able to add small flat head tacks to represent rivets, but be warned…. there are many!

The fuselage is now beautifully covered in 0.5mm aluminium plate
All the Intercostals are now in place

Now the work starts of ensuring all the components are appropriately grouped, suitable for simplified construction. Then the part numbering commences.

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