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Just for some weekend fun….

Blueprints were introduced in the early 1840’s to make the replication of drawings somewhat easier. The process used a ferric compound which was impregnated into paper. The process was normally that the original drawing would be made on Cartridge Paper. This was a very heavy paper made especially for rifle cartridges in the days before brass replaced them.

The drawing would then be traced onto a tracing paper with black Indian Ink. This would be placed on top of the treated paper and sandwiched between glass plates. The plates would then be paced in the sun for around 2 minutes (allow 10 minutes for a cloudy day…) and the copier could see the exposed paper turn blue (Prussian blue). When the desired depth of tint had been achieved the copy would be removed and washed. The areas underneath the ink would have remained white, the washing process would remove any remaining ferric compound and preserve the drawing. This would make any changes difficult to conceal and thus the “blueprint” of any plan would form the basis of construction/manufacture and seal whatever contract had been struck.

In order to celebrate the completion of the basic design, we have created a “Blueprint” of the Heritage Flight Simulator in AO size. Printed, this will create a most attractive poster. It’s a fairly large file of 16Mb. Feel welcome to head over to our shop and purchase it…for free!

HFS Simulator Blueprint

5 thoughts on “Blueprint – get yours free!”

  1. I have been a serious
    Spitfire parts collector for almost 50 years.I would like to display all these items in a cockpit. I have only just discovered your sight,WOW fantastic !!!! Please advise about your cockpit kit.Thankyou and goodbye,

    1. Dear Peter,

      Many thanks for your email and kind words. Apologies for only responding now but we only wake up after our first coffee here in Africa

      Your project idea sounds great! You could always augment any missing components with our accurate replicas.

      When finished, we aim to sell both plans and complete, museum quality cockpits. The plans will provide comprehensive step by step instructions on how to go about the project and how assembly should be effected. Current timing is to have the plans available for sale early in 2019. We are currently re-doing the flight controls before starting with the build documentation and building of the prototype. Quality comes first. Therefore the actual prototype build is important to pick up on any potential glitches and correct them. As such timelines may shift a little.

      Thanks again for your interest and please follow our regular blogs on progress.

      Kind regards,

      Roel Stausebach

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