Panel Final Design

The panel design has been finalised utilising our now established control philosophy. The changes were as follows:

  • Navigation light and Gunsight light switches updated to the Air Ministry replicas. These utilise NNK rocker switches with 3D printed base plates and toggles.
  • Undercarriage Indicator redesigned. It now incorporates coloured translucent inserts behind which LED lights may be mounted and the central hook now disguises a microswitch which in-sim will toggle the day/night screen. This was a little screen which could be pulled down over the indicator lights at night in order to dim them.
  • Magneto switches changed to more substantial 12mm panel mounts.
  • The Starter and Booster button covers now incorporate hall effect switching sensors which tell the sim whether they are open or closed.

The panel is now ready for manufacture. Something we will start on once all the design refinements have been completed.

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