Throttle Quadrant taking shape

I am very pleased to say that the throttle quadrant is nearing completion. In the process much has been learnt about the operation of the unit.

For the Rotol (Airscrew Control/Prop Speed) control box we had to deviate from the original, taking the approach instead followed by DCS World. As far as I could discern, the original mechanism operated a vernier cable which was wrapped internally in the box. Operation of the lever in our case will move a control rod, similar in operation to the throttle lever.

The throttle incorporates a gate in the form of a plate which stops forward movement of the lever. Full power at this point is delivered for take-off and climb. By moving the lever to the left then forward the plate is bypassed and the power set in combat mode, which was available for a limited period (5 minutes?) before the engine would call it a day.

Throttle Quadrant Rev1 raw2
View from above where the stop-plate or gate can be seen

The throttle lever when pushed forward activates a toggle switch which powers the circuit to the gear position indicator light. Operators need to remember to switch this off again when shutting down.

Throttle Quadrant Rev1 raw3
View showing gear position toggle switch and throttle friction mechanism

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