Fuselage Construction

Cockpit Frame

The original Spitfire had a semi-monocoque construction, ie. it gained its strength from a combination of the shell and the rib frames and longerons. The construction was complex with many formers and jigs required to shape the various aluminium components.

Our construction exactly duplicates the shape and size of the original, and spans from Frame 7 through to a point halfway between Frame 12 and Frame 13. This allows the Malcolm Hood to slide back to its full extent. The dimensions allow construction in a single garage or small workshop (or your lounge of course 🙂 ).

Fuselage Outline

Our fuselage construction has been greatly simplified and only requires gluing of the pre-cut plywood. The frames are hollow sandwiched plywood, the outer panels are 6mm and the inner fillers are a combination of standard thicknesses in order to duplicate the original.


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