Design Philosophy

It is our intent to provide a design which is accurate in the sense of where you expect to find a rib, control, panel or any other physical object found in the original Mk.IX, the item will be there. Building a replica cockpit using the complex aluminium formwork required as per the original is however too onerous and unnecessary to achieve complete immersion.

We have opted to water jet cut all basic shapes for the frame and seat from readily available and reasonably priced plywood, matching different thicknesses to achieve the exact required dimensions. Glued together this will provide an exceptionally strong yet light semi-monocoque fuselage shell.

Exploded Frame 11

Aluminium struts and tubes are based on sizes of standard modern mouldings. Some aluminium and mild steel plate is called for and will be waterjet cut and where required, bent to the correct form.

Flight Controls
The flight controls are made up of standard extrusions, bent platework and 3D printed components.


Where specific detailed parts are required which on the original were castings, these will be made available as 3D-Printed components. An example of this are the parts that make up the Spade Grip.

Spade Grip
Spade Grip Assembly will be 3D Printed using Nylon based on the Selective Laser Sintering method.


Electronics and electrical components are based on readily available modern equivalents.

Trim Wheels and switch cluster
Trim Wheels to be 3D Printed while modern switch lookalikes with engraved faces are utilised


Complete simulators will be built on order, with training organisations and museums having been identified as possible clients. These will include the necessary VR equipment and computer hardware and have 6DOF full motion simulation as an option.

The design will be made available in kit form, where the drawings for waterjet cut materials may be purchased in dxf format and cutting and bending (where required) can be done by the purchaser through his or her own appointed agency.

Parts guide example
Example of waterjet cutting list for 15mm Plywood

3D Printed parts will be made available through a global printing agency such as Shapeways to save time and shipping costs. Detailed assembly manuals will be provided.

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