Heritage Flight Simulation was born from a desire to make flight in historic aircraft as real as possible without the cost or risk of having to take the actual aircraft into the sky.

We are using Augmented Virtuality (*AV) to merge a virtual world Mk.IX Spitfire simulator with an accurate real world working cockpit.  Using DCS World and X-Plane as simulation platforms, we are creating a real world simulator cockpit for use with VR. It will also optionally have a G-Force Seat and/or 6DOF motion platform to provide potential Spitfire pilots with the necessary pre-training and, for the rest of us enthusiasts, with a very real flight experience.

These will be made available in self-build plans and turnkey setups.


Please follow our progress here.


*Augmented virtuality

Augmented virtuality (AV), is a subcategory of mixed reality which refers to the merging of real world objects into virtual worlds.[17]

As an intermediate case in the virtuality continuum, it refers to predominantly virtual spaces, where physical elements, e.g. physical objects or people, are dynamically integrated into, and can interact with, the virtual world in real time. This integration is achieved with the use of various techniques. Often streaming video from physical spaces (e.g., via webcam)[18] or using 3-dimensional digitalisation of physical objects.[19]

The use of real-world sensor information (e.g., gyroscopes) to control a virtual environment is an additional form of augmented virtuality, in which external inputs provide context for the virtual view. (from Wikipedia)